Tuesday, March 12, 2013


It's spring!! It's almost spring, right? Right?!

We had such a lovely, teasing, sunshiney weekend and today has been cold and damp and grey again. I'm tired of coats and boots and steamed-up glasses.

As the weather improves, so, it seems, do I. After six months on Humira, I am finally feeling a real difference, even though I haven't taken methotrexate in a month and a half. I got better bit by bit, so that I didn't really notice how good I felt until I was walking with my Dad a few days ago. He said, "you're moving along pretty well - you must be feeling better," and I realized that yes, I was. My hips hardly hurt at all anymore, my knees feel better, my elbows and wrists don't ache, and my Dad wasn't having to slow down for me, either. I felt like I could go and go.

It isn't perfect. I still get stiff after sitting and in the mornings, and my feet and my right shoulder act up sometimes, but I'm not limping around befuddled by pain like I was in the fall. Every day I stretch my legs out on the way to the bus and swing my arms and actually enjoy my body.

It's been a while.


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This is great news!

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HOoray! And...find me at my new blog! http://cultivatewhatyoulove.wordpress.com